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Dual Motor Controller Cape (DMCC) Mk.7

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Now you can control motors (and even lights) with your Beaglebone Black.  The Dual Motor Controller Cape Mk.7 (DMCC Mk.7) allows you to control up to two motors (DC, 5V to 28V) from your Beaglebone.  The DMCC Mk.7 also has two Quadrature encoder interfaces, allowing position and/or speed control of the motors.  The DMCC Mk.7 is stackable, allowing up to four (4) DMCC Mk.6 capes to be stacked on a single Beaglebone, providing control of up to 8 motors.  Typical applications are robotics, home automation (raising and lowering TVs, etc.), LED light control, etc.


  • Dual DC motor control (5V to 28V)
  • Motor speed and Motor direction (reverse / forward) control
  • High Current (up to 7A continuous per motor)
  • Stackable, up to 4 DMCCs can be stacked
  • Dual Quadrature encoder interfaces on each board
  • Built in PID control firmware
  • Reverse/Forward motor indicator LEDs
  • C library available on Github - https://github.com/Exadler/DMCC_Library
  • Eagle Schematic and Layout - https://github.com/Exadler/DualMotorControlCape

For more information, check out our videos here on youtube: DMCC Videos

Mk7 changes:
- Changed Picoblade QEI connectors to standard 0.1" IDC type connectors (Digikey part# A1927-ND)
- added status LED






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Beaglebone Black controlling a Motor using Python and a DMCC

Controlling a Motor with a Beaglebone Black, DMCC, and Python