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NOTE: this setup has only been tested with the 2013-06-20 Angstrom image obtained from http://beagleboard.org/latest-images

** We've confirmed that the wifi adapter DOES NOT work with the ORIGINAL image out of the box.  Please update your Beaglebone black image to the 2013-06-20 image before using our wifi adapter, and then everything should work.

Wifi Setup steps:

  1. Make sure the wifi Adapter is not plugged into your Beaglebone
  2. Login to your Beaglebone through ssh/putty.
  3. Make sure your Beaglebone has access to the internet
    You can check by executing ping and make sure it has a valid ping.
  4. Setup the correct time by executing the command:
    ntpdate pool.ntp.org
  5. Download and extract the driver file from http://exadler.com/wifi/wifisetup.tar.gz by executing the command:
    wget http://exadler.com/wifi/wifisetup.tar.gz
    tar xvfz wifisetup.tar.gz
  6. Run the setup by executing the commands:
    cd installwifi
  7. Plug the wifi adapter into the Beaglebone USB.
  8. Reboot the Beaglebone by executing the command:
    shutdown -r now
  9. Login to your Beaglebone again and verify that the Wifi Adapter is recognized by executing the command:
    ifconfig ra0
    You should see a valid interface
  10. Setup your wifi access point association by first computing the encrypting WPA password by executing the command:
    wpa_passphrase "<ssid>" "<password>"
    where <ssid> is the ssid of the wifi access point you want to connect to, and <password> is the password for that access point.  If your access point has no password, skip to step 12
  11. Copy the encrypted password from the screen
  12. Using nano or vi, edit the file /var/lib/connman/wifi.config to look like:

    Type = wifi
    Name = <ssid>
    Passphrase = <encrypted password>

    where <ssid> is the ssid of the wifi access point, and <encrypted password> is the password from step 11.  If your access point does not have a password, remove the Passphrase line from the wifi.config file
  13. Reboot the Beaglebone by executing the command:
    shutdown -r now
  14. IMPORTANT: Disconnect the Ethernet cable before the Beaglebone reboots.  For some reason connman (the wifi/ethernet manager) doesn't enable the wifi connection when the wired Ethernet cable is connected.
  15. Congratulations, after the reboot your Beaglebone should now be connected to your wifi access point!  (**NOTE:  if it doesn't connect after 2 minutes go back and double check steps 10-12.  We've had connection problems that turned out to be a typo of the wifi password!  Also remember that the wifi IP address will be different from the wired Ethernet IP address)

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