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Setting the correct date/time

When the BeagleBone Black boots up it defaults the time/date to Jan 1, 2000.  Now, a quick fix is to execute the command :

ntpdate -b pool.ntp.org

However, the next time you reboot the BeagleBone, it forgets all about the correct time, and you have to redo the command again.  To get the BeagleBone to automatically set the time correctly on boot, you need to tell connman (the connection manager) to update the time when a valid internet connection is found.  You can set this by the following command:

/usr/lib/connman/test/set-global-timeservers pool.ntp.org

This will automatically update your date/time correctly everytime you boot the BeagleBone. 
(Source: BeagleBoard Google Groups posting -  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/beagleboard/FhlCT4ijX9U )


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